Q: What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) ?
A: BPO refers to engaging the services of an external provider to manage certain critical processes of an organisation. Outsourcing is a strategic initiative that organisations take to employ external resources to conduct functions and run business processes that are both core and non-core activities and critical for business success. These functions or processes, which were traditionally handled by in-house resources, are delegated to an external party with specialized skills to perform them efficiently.

Q: What are the advantages of outsourcing ?
A: Outsourcing carries with it many advantages for companies that engage with BPO firms. The top eight advantages that companies have access to are: Ability to focus on core activities, costs and efficiency savings, reduced overheads, operational control, staffing flexibility and continuity, risk management, transformation and innovation.

Q: How much does it cost to obtain service from Vivin Solutions ?

A: We will always look to apply the most simple and cost effective charge for our services, tailored to our customers requirements. This could range from a flat hourly rate, to dedicated resources. Contact us and we can give you some guidance which will help you.

Q: What goes into a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
A: Based on the customer requirement we propose Service Levels and these parameters are documented as key performance metrics in the Service Level Agreement. Performance of these key metrics are reported to our customers at agreed frequency.

Back Office Transaction Processing

Q: How do you access our system so you can process transactions on our behalf?
A: Customers grant us remote access to their systems for effective execution of the tasks. We have tools and techniques to do this seamlessly in a secure manner.

Web Design, Hosting, Maintenance and Support

Q: Do Vivin Solutions have a standard portfolio of web design templates I can choose from to ensure swift design and build. Does this also reduce the final cost to me of my website ?
A: We do have a list of templates. Customers can choose from the list and provide basic details like logo, content and other details. Cost for this service is very competitive and the website can be operationally within 2 days providing you supply all content on time. We also design logos if required.

Q: How much does it cost for a website ?
A: Much depends on exactly what it is that you need.  For example, a quick website publishing your whereabouts and some information about your company can be finished a lot quicker than a complete on-line shop with e-commerce integration. When you come to us, we will work together to establish requirements and can guide you on likely costs.

Q: Can you write all the website content for me ?
A: You will be more of an expert in your field than we are and so it will take time for us to understand your business in a way that optimally gets the message across.  This will take time, which would ultimately cost you. We therefore recommend that you provide us with suggested content for each section of your website. When you write your website content we recommend that you prepare this in Microsoft Word format or in a text editor like Windows Notepad. Having this information already prepared can greatly reduce the final cost to you.

Q: I’m not very good at writing web site content, can you help me with this ?
A: We can help you with this and we will review all content that goes on your site to help you get a good position in search engines like Google, Ask and Yahoo.

Q: Is there anything I can do to reduce the final cost to me of my website ?
A: We understand that everyone has to work to a budget.  We believe that there are 3 things that can greatly reduce the final cost to you of your website:
1. Be clear about your vision, we can help develop your vision and enhance it but if you are clear about what you are looking for and communicate this to us this will help reduce your costs
2. Prepare your website content for each section.  If you can provide this to us in Ms Word or Windows Notepad format then this will reduce the amount of time our designers have to spend producing website content.  This will help reduce your costs;
3. Optimise your website images.  If you have images that you would like us to put on your website, e.g. photographs etc. … optimise these for use on the web, if you can provide these to us in either .jpg or .gif format and in a reasonably small file size this means that we do not have to spend time optimising and scanning graphics etc.  You would be surprised how much time this can take.  If you do this, this will help reduce your costs.

Q: Do you provide hosting space for my website ?
A: Once your website is built you must place it on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet (don’t worry, we can organise this for you). This will allow your potential customers to view your website at any time, day or night.  We do not provide hosting ourselves, but we have worked with several companies over the past 10 years that we can highly recommend.  Of course, you may use your own hosting provider.  Our initial quote to you will always include costs for hosting your website for the first year, i.e. hosting costs are included in the price for the first year.

Property Virtual Assistants

Q: What Property Virtual Assistant (PVA) services do you offer ?
A: We offer virtual assistant and support services for investors, estate agents, property mentors to name a few. We are one stop shop for all property support requirements. Some of the services we offer are property search, property investment analysis, property marketing, mailing list development, Social media marketing, flyer creation, website development, online research etc.

Q: Can you provide examples of PVA projects executed for UK customers ?
A: Some of the projects executed are
– Finding properties which meet the investment criteria of a property investor in Oxford.
– Website designed for property investor/trainer from London.
– Finding motivated sellers by email campaigns
– Facebook page customisation
– Buyer list development
– Creation of property investment proposals
– Search Engine Optimisation, etc

Q: How much does it cost to obtain PVA services ?
A: We offer multiple, but simple pricing models for our services.
– Fixed price: we estimate the effort required to provide the agreed service level post finalisation of our customers requirements.
– Per hour: based on the required skill set, we provide services by an agreed hourly rate. Hours are tracked and reports are provided on a set frequency (normally daily) along with status of services provided so our customers can review and provide us with feedback.
– Dedicated resource: sometimes the most cost effective is to provide dedicated resource(s) to our customers. Our resource(s) will therefore be an extended virtual team and will work closely with our customer. The work schedule (or package) is organised by our customers. We will charge a fixed monthly fee, for a fixed number of hours.
– Per unit rate: based on the skill set and time required for repetitive tasks, we offer per unit (or transaction) rates. Unit rate is determined post completion of a project pilot to determine the scope of work and time required.

Q: Why should we hire your team member as Property Virtual Assistant?
A: We strongly believe we have a number of strong compentencies to the table. Some of which are:
– Knowledge and Experience: We have in depth knowledge of the UK property market so very limited, or no internal training is required.
– Flexibility : Being a dedicated virtual team delivering this service, we are better placed to manage variations in our work load. Our customers then benefit from a consistent level of services despite seasonal variations.
– Productivity: As we have extensive knowledge and experience, we offer a productive and reliable services to our customers from day one.
– Process Driven: We are customer focused and process driven. Behind the scenes our customers our benefiting from our approach to always target continuous improvement.

Search Engine Optimisation

Q: What is SEO?
A: To define SEO is not an easy task as it’s changing all the time. In 2010 the SEO definition might sound something like this: Doing everything possible to ensure getting found on the internet and to maximise the opportunity to convert ensuing traffic to sales.

Q: How long does it take to get indexed by Google?
A: Google can take from a few minutes, up to a few weeks depending on your site to index it or new content appearing on it. Without SEO it might even take forever.

Q: I already do have Pay-Per-Click (PPC), do I also need SEO? What’s the difference? 
A: Our customers with analytics in place have found that organic search (SEO) leads to increased sales, over paying for online advertising. Some customers have seen SEO convert up to ten times more sales than PPC.

A well configured PPC or advertising campaign is active instantly but can cost a significant amount of money. PPC is also vulnerable to click fraud, a very nasty and costly trick your competitors can use to undermine your PPC efforts. Additionally, PPC’s efforts disappear the second you stop paying. PPC has no effect on your page’s ranking in search engines.

SEO on the other hand is slower to start, taking from one to three months to get into high gear. But the rest is all good news. With SEO you’re impervious to competitors’ attacks and SEO effects are long lasting, allowing you to conquer new sets of terms regularly as your past efforts continue to succeed.

Q: How do you find the best keywords for my business?
A: First we’ll ask you to describe your business and market, and ask you to provide a few suggested seed keywords. Then we’ll massage this data and feed it to our database tools. From this we get hundreds of related search terms along with information about how many people are searching for them and how many other web sites are competing with you for the traffic. We’ll whittle the results down to a few valuable key phrases tailored to your goals and budget. Identifying keywords is the most interactive client/consultant phase. After a few rounds of calls or emails, we’re ready to take the reigns and not bug you as much!

Q: When will we see results?
A: It will take a while depending on what results you expect what for. Some keywords might even take a year or more while others may work after weeks or months. Perform a thorough keyword and market research first to know. Also SEO is basically a continuous process that never stops.

Q: Why should I outsource my SEO?
A: SEO is a full time job for a person or requires a whole team with several skills ranging from web development, content creation to marketing. Unless you have at least one experienced full time SEO in house it is strongly advised to seek assistance from a SEO company or consultant.